Green Energy Initiatives

Secure the Future of Our Energy Infrastructure with Renewable Energy

The federal business energy investment tax credit program encourages private investment in the development of facilities that generate electricity from renewable sources.  Under Internal Revenue Code Section 48, a 30% income tax credit is available for installing designated renewable energy generation equipment placed in service during the period 2006 through 2016. Unlike the federal historic tax credit program, there is no pre-approval requirement for renewable energy tax credit programs.

An investment in renewable energy is a critical investment in the next generation of power. Encouraging and fostering growth and the use of sustainability, investing in solar secures the infrastructure of the future amid declining reservoirs of crude oil. Our world’s natural resources are finite.  The benefits of investing in these projects:

  • Promotes job growth
  • Aids community revitalization
  • Develops economic activity
  • Promotes development of clean energy and energy independence
  • Tax benefits and cash returns


To learn more about how the partners at global X can help you execute your renewable energy investment strategy, contact us today.

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