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global X reduces the complexity associated with tax asset investing. Opportunities exist to meet a variety of tax strategies. We will match your objectives with programs supporting job growth, community revitalization and economic vibrancy.

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Renewable Energy Tax Credit

The benefits of investing in renewable energy include improved cash flow, reduced tax liability, and attractive economic returns – all while supporting the development of renewable energy producing facilities; a true win for all partners! global X offers its investors comprehensive solutions and access to a diverse portfolio of projects utilizing government incentive programs that promote the expansion of and investment in alternative energy. By sourcing, structuring, and monitoring these projects global X provides investors simplified solutions to meet their objectives.

Historic Tax Credit

Investing in historic preservation and adaptive reuse provides investors with attractive returns in the form of annual cash flow, reduced tax liabilities and other economic benefits. The professionals at global X possess industry-leading knowledge and experience in the syndication and use of federal historic rehabilitation credits, available under Section 47 of the Internal Revenue Code. The global X team’s real estate, tax, and legal expertise provides its clients with the peace of mind that their tax credit investment strategy is in good hands. That expertise facilitated the negotiation of investment terms and conditions on behalf of clients compliant with recently released Section 47 IRS guidance (Revenue Procedure 2014-12) even prior to the release of such guidance and places the firm in a unique position to understand and apply that guidance to federal tax credit projects going forward.

Historic Preservation Easement

The Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program encourages private sector investment in the rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of historic buildings. Specifically, the Historic Preservation Easement is a tax asset the Federal Government made available for protecting historic structures in our communities. Defined by the Internal Revenue Code Section 170(h) and managed by the National Park Service in partnership with the IRS, this program consists of a charitable deduction that allows for a reduction in the donor’s tax liability. By participating in historic rehabilitation projects you are helping protect the heritage of our communities, foster job growth, revitalize neighborhoods, and stimulate economic activity.

As an investor in a historic rehabilitation project, the tax benefit of the historic preservation easement can reduce your federal tax liability. Not only do investors get a return on their investment, but they help the government realize a social objective, grow the tax base, and increase economic activity.


State Historic Tax Credit

global X has advised both developers and investors on the syndication of state historic rehabilitation tax credits since the inception of the firm. State historic tax credits generally offset state tax liabilities, though the types of tax against which the credits may be utilized differs from state to state. Numerous states also permit the credits to generate refunds of taxes previously paid if no current tax liability exists. Depending upon the state, historic credits may be “certificated” (i.e., useable without investment in a partnership or other pass-through entity) or “allocated,” which requires investment in and admission to a pass-through ownership entity (as is the case with federal historic tax credits). Allocated credits present many of the same challenges in structuring and compliance as the federal credit program and global X endeavors to ensure that investors and developers follow best investment practices. global X is familiar with the intricacies of various state programs and assists its clients in maximizing the benefits available from those programs.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit

Film Infrastructure and Film Production Tax Credit

Several states have enacted income, franchise and insurance premiums tax credit programs to promote film and other entertainment production activities in their state. Many states allow film production companies to transfer or sell these tax credits to third-party taxpayers that can use the credits against their own state tax liabilities. The credits are purchased at a discount price pursuant to a simple purchase agreement between the production company and the buyer. In most states, the credits are not subject to disallowance or recapture in the hands of the buyer, thereby eliminating much of the risk. At global x, we are imbedded in every step of the transfer process, ensuring buyers and sellers that they can rely on us for their film credit needs.

Brownfield Tax Credit

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